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Laserforce is the most advanced laser tag game in the world!
At Laserforce, Oakleigh, up to 40 players enter the briefing room. In here, you will watch a training video or have personal training. This video will teach you how to operate your suit. From here, you will enter the armoury. In here, you are suited up with state- of- the- art laser tag equipment.

Once your suit is logged on, players will enter the multi level playing arena. In here, your objective is to “tag” as many of the opposing players as you can, plus seek and destroy bases and targets within your allocated time.

Each time a player has been “tagged” by you, their suit will deactivate for 6 seconds and you will score points. You also have to remember to deactivate the generators for extra points.
During your mission, you will encounter many obstacles, like the Mighty Warbot, who may deactivate you, if you don’t deactivate him first.

Inside the playing arena, the atmosphere is set with flashing lights, smoke, music and up- to- date sound effects.

Your suit also comes complete with real time scoring. Your suit will tell you what rank you are coming and remind you to deactivate generators.
Once the mission is over, all players re-enter the armoury for a de-briefing, which will then be the time to check your scoring!

Now Starfighters, it’s time to enter the Armoury and get suited up for your mission….


The suit consists of a vest with a phaser attached.
There are five target areas you can “zap” – the back, the chest, both shoulders and the phaser.

All area’s have flashing LED’s to alert you.
Your suit has the ability to alert you when you are locked on target.
You will also be issued with a Laserforce Phaser, which will fire a red laser beam to help you “tag” opponents.

As your skills increase, so too does your powers and abilities – you will be rewarded with Rapid fire, Missiles, nukes and many more.

You have been briefed, you have your equipment, now it’s time!

Starfighters, enter the arena and start your mission…


Laserforce offers a large variety of game formats and adds new games regularly. Some of these missions are generally reserved for bookings or our popular ‘Boot Camp’ nights on Fridays.

Team Capture the Flag Dead Aim
DM Fugitive Gladiator
Individual Individual Supercharge Highlander
Masters Photon Emutation Partners
Shadows Space Marines 4 Running Man
Tag Space Marine 5 Timewrap
Weedlock Team Supercharge


Skill Ranking System

Laserforce has the most advanced skill ranking system. By becoming a member of Laserforce, you automatically enter the skill ranking system. Every time you play a mission, your file is updated accordingly.

As your skills improve, more and more features are awarded to you. Below is a full explanation on the Laserforce Skill Ranking System.


1. Recruit Less than 1500 points or played less than 3 games
2. Gunner 1501 – 3000 points or played less than 6 games
3. Trooper 3001 points – 4500 points
4. Captain 4501 points – 6000 points
5. Starlord 6001 points – 7500 points
6. Lasermaster Over 7500 points


Shot Power 9
Hit Points 9
Downtime 6.5 seconds
Reset After 5.0 seconds
Special Ability Rapid Fire


Shot Power 9
Hit Points 9
Downtime 6.8 seconds
Reset After 4.6 seconds
Special Ability Invulnerability


Shot Power 9
Hit Points 4
Downtime 7.1 seconds
Reset After 4.2 seconds
Special Ability Payback


Shot Power 5
Hit Points 1
Downtime 7.4 seconds
Reset After 3.8 seconds
Special Ability Missile


Shot Power 4
Hit Points 1
Downtime 7.7 seconds
Reset After 3.4 seconds
Special Ability Reset


Shot Power 3
Hit Points 1
Downtime 8.0 seconds
Reset After 3.0 seconds
Special Ability Nuke

To find out more information on special abilities, just click on the one you would like to know more about. If you would like further information on the Laserforce Skill Ranking System, just send us an e-mail.

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire occurs by zapping other opponents a number of times in a row without another player zapping you.

  • First Rapid Fire – 2 consecutive zappings
  • Second Rapid Fire – 3 consecutive zappings
  • Third & subsequent Rapid Fire – 4 consecutive zappings

When Rapid Fire is activated, players are notified by a message through their battle suit speakers. In Rapid Fire mode, the shot speed is increased to four shots per second. This facility can be used in bursts or in continuous fire, just like a machine gun! When a player is hit, he/she loses Rapid Fire facility.


Players become invulnerable by hitting a number of players in a row. First Invulnerability – 5 consecutive zappings then increments by + 2 zappings up to 15 zappings for the sixth and subsequent activation. A message through the battle suit’s speakers lets you know when the battle suit is invulnerable. You are invulnerable for 109 seconds. Other players can still score points by zapping you, but you will not be deactivated. (The invulnerable player will hear the shots “bouncing off his shield”).


This ability enables a down player to bring himself up straight away, simply by holding his trigger in for two seconds. It consumes five Special Points the first time it is used, then ten Special Points, fifteen Special Points and twenty Special Points for the forth and subsequent uses.


Successful use of a Missile earns a player 500 points (+ 100 points per skill level difference), 2 Special Points and counts as two downs towards Rapid Fire and Invulnerability. Missiles cannot be used against Level 3 and below. If a player missiles a team-mate, he/she will lose 500 points! A Missile is activated by holding a lock on the opponent for about one second, and firing the phaser. The lock-on tone for a Missile consists of three long beeps and the player fires when he/she hears the third beep. Note that the player being targeted will hear a warning tone, and can actually break the Missile lock. A Missile consumes five Special Points.


To activate a reset, the player must hold his/her trigger in for two seconds. By activating a Reset, a player can zap someone he/she has just zapped, without having to reset on another player. It consumes five Special Points the first time, rising to ten Special Points for the sixth and subsequent times.


A level 6 player activates a Nuke by holding in his/her trigger for two seconds. This immediately consumes twenty Special Points and initiates a Nuke sequence. If the player is zapped during this sequence the Nuke will fail. A nuke will put down all other level 6 players in the game.