Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Dodgem Cars

Remember the sideshow Dodgem Cars? Everyone loves Dodgem Cars! Bump, turn, spin and chase your friends around our full size arena. Enjoy the ride, the music and your friends while you dodge’em! Sidetracked has turned back the years and installed a full size retro Dodgem arena with 12 cars.

Our Dodgems are twin seat – and can handle drivers/passengers from 7 year old up (including adults – why should they miss out on all the fun).

Choose either a 4 minute ride – or the ultimate ‘double ride’ – 8 minutes of Dodgem fun. If you choose the 8 minute ride – you can swap drivers at the end of the first 4 minutes.

Dodgem rides are sold ‘per car’ so 2 people can be in the one car for the same price.

Apart from general public, ourDodgem Cars are also available in our Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties or Youth bookings. Go to our ‘enquiry’page and send us an email – we can send back a pricelist or contact you to discuss your function.

And remember – Sidetracked is totally indoors so Melbourne’s sometimes fickle weather won’t ruin your plans!