Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Unique Christmas Party Idea to Celebrate 2015

With the end of year fast approaching it’s time to plan how you and your staff will celebrate another successful and productive year together.

A Christmas party is a fabulous way to thank your team for all their hard work and get your people socialising together in a non-work setting.

This year, instead of just a standard function why not do something a little bit different? Sidetracked is a great option for your corporate Christmas event, whether you’re a team of eight or an organisation of 350 or more.

With a focus on fun rather than frivolity, you can let your staff go wild without worrying about things getting out of control.

Throw a private party in the Pit Lane or Grand Prix spaces. Or big groups can take over our 68,000 square foot, fully-enclosed fun-derdome.



We make planning your Christmas work party so easy, with catering facilities available in our corporate kitchen. For even less stress, let us take care of everything with tasty food from the Trax Café. You can also bring your own light beer and wine if you’ve booked into one of our private spaces (of course, we ensure a strict .05 BAC for Go Kart drivers to keep everyone safe on the track).

Sidetracked Christmas Games for Your Corporate Christmas Event

For a bit of extra fun (and some friendly competition) turn your Sidetracked Christmas party into a quadathlon (or any other –athlon).

Compete in teams or individually to rack up the most points across each of the activities we offer at Sidetracked, from Go Kart to Laser Tag, Ten Pin Bowling and Mini-Golf.

Extra keen-beans can get matching shirts and you can even print up fun score sheets in your corporate colours to keep track of who’s on top.

Crown an ultimate winner or team, or just share prizes for fun – like the most tenacious driver, the most stylish bowler and the most strategic mini-golfer. We can even arrange a special trophy presentation to make your Christmas party truly memorable.

Call our friendly functions team on 9562 7607 for a chat about your plans and requirements for your Christmas and end-of-year party.