Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Top Tips on How to Drive a Go-Kart



1  Picking the right Go Kart.  At Sidetracked we match the correct Go Kart with driver ability.  We have a team of dedicated marshals to make sure that your Go Karting experience around our track is fun, memorable and safe.  We have faster Go Karting for our teens and adults, or Double Go Karting rides on our rookie circuit for passengers 4 years old and above.

 2  Keep Momentum through turns.  Our top tip at Sidetracked  is to keep your momentum through turns.  It is best to enter turns slowly and exit the turns fast as this will help maintain your speed throughout the entire track circuit and increase your chances of a fast lap time.

3  Keep your acceleration smooth.  When Go Karting at Sidetracked, it is beneficial to accelerate and brake smoothly, so that you don’t slide and jerk the Go Kart.  Keeping your Go Kart smooth on the track means you will retain your momentum and be faster around the track.

4  Look ahead and plan your path.  When driving around our tracks at Sidetracked  it is best to use the out- in- out drive path so that you maintain your momentum.  For instance when you are entering a left turn it is best to stay at the right side and then cut in at the apex and then drive to the right side again. When turning right you do the opposite.  It is often best to follow a faster driver and duplicate their moves when you are first learning to drive.

5  Limit the sliding in your turns. Sliding and drifting will actually cause you to decrease your momentum so try and avoid sliding if you are a beginner or intermediate driver.  Avoid braking during your turn as this will make you slide, so it is best to start braking before you enter the turn.

6  Pass carefully.  Make sure when you are passing that you time your passes and don’t pass when there is a risk, as you may end up in the tyres and this will halt your momentum.

7  Get familiar with the track. Once you are familiar with the track and you go a lap without crashing, then you can try and go a bit faster, so that you gain some seconds. If you do crash then slow down a bit or work on your cornering technique to improve your lap time.

8  Positioning.  If you haven’t raced a Go Kart before and don’t feel sure about the track at Sidetracked then it is best to position yourself at a safe distance and gradually try and improve your lap times as your confidence builds.   It is also an idea to position yourself next to or behind an experienced driver to assist with improving your technique and lap time.