Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

Key Benefits of Team Building


At Sidetracked we understand how essential Team Building is to any business be it big or small. Team building can be used to celebrate company successes or it can be used as a tool to model your employees into a team. We want you to put more fun into your team building activities because we know that team building creates a better working environment for greater productivity.

The Key Benefits of Team Building can be defined by the four C’s; Communication, Commitment, Collaboration and Culture.

  • Team Building improves Communication among employees by providing an activity that is designed to improve the way people interact with each other and in turn opens up new forms of communication. At Sidetracked we have numerous activities that will have all your employees talking!
  • Team Building improves Commitment among employees as it provides a way for employees to bond and form an understanding of common goals and ways that the team can accomplish them.  Our Laserforce Missions are bound to have your teams committed to each other and working towards a common goal!
  • Team Building improves Collaboration among employees and essentially teaches them how to cooperate with each other and reduce barriers.  Let the only barriers be those on our Go-Karting track!
  • Team Building improves Culture by giving your employees the opportunity to experience and practice the values of your business through activities and events.  There are so many activities at Sidetracked which will add a boost of fun and create a lasting impression!

So why not let Sidetracked be your next venue for Team Building Activities and witness our team help build your team!