Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

A Guide to Creating Parties that won’t Blow the Budget



At Sidetracked we understand that “Budget Blowout” is a real phenomenon and that is why we wanted to share with you some fundamentals to help you plan your next party without blowing the budget!

Planning is always the key to a successful party, and an essential, to ensure that costs are kept under control.  The team at Sidetracked have compiled a guide to help you plan your next party, be it big or small and to have fun along the way, without blowing the budget.

  • Set your Budget

Setting a budget really does help with determining how big or small your party will be.  It also helps you to prioritise the things you really need vs the things you want.  At Sidetracked we have Party Packages to suit all budgets and you can even create your own!  Also for the budget savvy, we offer a loyalty discount of 5% when you have previously booked a Party with us.

  • Choose the location

Location, location, location!! Determining where to have your party is also an important factor in deciding what type of party you will be hosting.  Having a Pool Party in the middle of Winter means you have a limited venue selection so choose the theme of the party to suit the seasons or find a venue that is permits all weather conditions.  At Sidetracked our venue provides all year round fun so you don’t need to worry about the weather and even better no mess to clean up after the party!  You can leave that up to us!

  • Food & Drinks

Food, Glorious Food!  When making your food selections for a party it is best to base it on items per head so as to avoid wastage.  If creating a dessert table it is sometimes better to create a petite table with the cake being the key feature and once again base the number desserts on per person.  Most people will only eat a piece of cake and then one or two bite size desserts, so make your selection varied but don’t base it one dessert per person as you will be left with a lot of dessert to take home.  For Drinks always have a supply of water on hand and then limit the soft drink or juice to one cup per person.  At Sidetracked we can take care of all your catering needs and even have a cafe on site for those all important coffees to go with the cake!

  • Decorations

Decorations can be one of the most expensive costs you will have for a party and can be a real budget buster.  So finding that key venue in the beginning is really important, otherwise you will be spending a lot of time and money decorating your venue to suit your party theme.  At Sidetracked our venue is all about fun and we have so many great activities for the kids that theming your party will be a breeze!  Create a bowling party, laser tag party or even a go-karting party by purchasing some themed printables available on Etsy and you will have a party that looks designer but won’t blow the budget.

  • Entertainment

This definitely is a party essential!  Keeping guests entertained can be a difficult and costly expense so make sure you limit the party time if you are wanting to keep costs down.  At Sidetracked we also offer mid week party specials where you can select 2 fun activities instead of 3 which is a requirement for weekend parties.  Having this option means it will help keep costs down and you are more likely to be able to book last minute than booking a weekend party.

So next time you are planning a party make sure you use our guide to help you throw a great party that won’t blow the budget!