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5 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Race Time on the Go Kart Track

If you feel the need for speed then racing your mates with a few laps of the Go Kart track is about the most (legal) fun you can have on four wheels.

Go Kart racing is exciting, exhilarating and the best way to prove to your friends that yes, in fact, you are the best driver of all of them.

Whether you’re a casual driver or a full on speed freak hitting the track each week, these tips below will help you improve your track speed and rocket up the leaderboard.

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Study the Course

If you get a chance, try to arrive at your Go Kart session a bit early and sit on the side and observe the session before you. Watch how each kart navigates the turns. On some turns you might not even have to brake at all, just take your foot off the acceleration.

Get Seated Properly

You know how your teacher at school used to nag you all to sit up straight in your chairs. Well turns out, she was right.

It sounds like a small thing, but how you sit in your kart can make a huge difference to your race times. Sit with your back and rear pressed up against the seat and resist the urge to hunch forward as you race. Keep your arms slightly bent to keep control of your kart.

Speaking of which, when you grab the wheel make sure you’re holding it with boths hands placed at symmetrical points on the wheel (like at 2 and 10). This’ll give you more control over your steering and avoid having to jerk the wheel to overcorrect.

Pick Your Line

While you might think to win at go karting you’ve got to be the fastest, this isn’t entirely correct. The best drivers don’t focus on speed; instead they focus on position. Go karting is all about momentum. You want to avoid having to brake and speed up again.

The longer you move forward without swerving, braking and stopping, the better your time will be.

Don’t Brake In a Turn

You want to brake before a turn, not while you’re in it. As you approach your turn, pick your line and gently tap on the brakes to reduce some of your momentum and avoid sliding out. As soon as you are through the turn, hit the acceleration again to pick up speed.

Pass Like a Pro

Got a slow coach in front of you? Don’t just try and pass them the first chance you get – you may just end up clocking their rear and spinning you both out. To maintain your momentum you’ve got to find the optimum time to pass.

Find a line that takes you between your opponent and the inside turn. It sounds obvious, but you’ve got to be faster than them going into and coming out of the turn. As you tap the brakes, flick the rear of your cart out a little to give you a tighter turn. Then get ready to hit the acceleration as soon as you’re through the corner. It takes a little practice, but before you know it you’ll be passing like a pro.

Of course, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be the fastest racer the first time at the track. It takes a few times to figure out the best line through the course. The fastest line through one corner might not be the best line for the next one and you’ll only figure this out once you’ve been on the track a few times.