Sidetracked Entertainment Centre

5 Spooktacular Costumes for Halloween at Sidetracked

This Halloween we’re throwing a spooktacular party at Sidetracked. Come dressed in your best Halloween costume and get a free Laserforce mission.


Check out the post below for some scary costume ideas for boys and ghouls, big or small.

The “Driving” Dead

They might be undead, but they can still beat you on the track. This Halloween at Sidetracked come decked out as a creepy zombie and work on your lap times.

Grab some old clothes you don’t wear anymore (or pick something up from the op shop), tear some holes and add lashings of fake blood – don’t forget to add some around your mouth for that “just eaten” look. Then practice that vacant stare and listless shuffle for that true zombie-fied appearance.

A “Magic Laser” Witch or Wizard

It’s time for some magic at Sidetracked. Take a break from wizardry classes to duel it out with your friends and muggles in the Laserforce arena.

For this costume you’ll just need a black cape and pointed hat (best leave your owl at home). And don’t forget your magic wand.

But remember, a magic wand is no match for a Laserforce phaser.

A “10-Bone Bowling” Skeleton

Shake, rattle but don’t roll your head away playing 10 Pin Bowling. A scary skeleton costume is just the thing for the Sidetracked Halloween party.

An easy costume to make, you’ll just need old black pants and a long-sleeve top. Paint on your bones in all the right spots and you’ll be ready for a humerus night out.

Count “Putt-u-la” the Vampire

We have it on good authority that when they’re not playing with their bats, vampires love to play golf. Come to Sidetracked in a vampiric costume this Halloween and play a round or two on our 18-hole putt-putt mini golf course. But beware, some of our challenges can be a real pain in the neck.

The “Freak Show” Clown

Sure some clowns can be lots of fun – making balloon animals and falling face-first into cream pies. But on Halloween, those clowns take the night off and let their creepy cousin clowns out on the town.

There’s nothing funny about these clowns. A dishevelled wig, ugly face paint and sad looking pompoms all your need for this truly horrifying look. Then, like a true freak show clown, wander through Sidetracked’s amusement video games alley handing out dead-animal balloons.